We are a small club of owners and true friends of the marque Hispano-Suiza. Friends of Hispano-Suiza is a community of enthuziasts that helps to save and preserve the historic beauties and technical marvels that our grandfathers created and that laid the foundation for the true age of automobiles. There is a wealth of knowledge within our small community as well as a lot of good and strong friendships. Our members are mainly Hispano-Suiza owners but posses also love and ownership to other exquisite marques. The purpose of our club via this site is to let the world know that in Central Europe, this fascinating marque is thriving. Our mission is to gather true enthusiasts and share the love to the marque as well as to help them achieve their goals. Friends of Hispano-Suiza is based in Czech Republic, the fact Czechs have such admiration for Hispano-Suiza is not a coincidence since the marque’s history has strong bonds to the region of Central Europe, especially to Czech Republic and its automobile history! Read more in the history section.